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This Ezviz robot vacuum is one of the cheapest options with a mop

Ezviz's new RE5 Plus robo-vac includes a mop for a more affordable £300. It offers 4000Pa of suction and can hold 300ml of water

Ezviz RE5 Plus

Robot vacuums are my favourite to clean my home. They take the hard work out of cleaning up dirt, letting a little robot pal do everything for you. And it’s even better when they include a mop, because sometimes hard floors need a good scrubbing. But these machines a usual several hundred pounds – which is pretty pricey. But this Ezviz robo-vac is more affordable at £300, while still offering 4000Pa of suction and holding 300ml of water.

Not only does the RE5 Plus do your vacuuming, but it’s also got a mop attached. So your floors will be sparkling clean without you lifting a finger. With smart navigation and LDS LiDAR tech, it doesn’t just bounce around aimlessly like some of those other dodgy robot vacs. Rather, this one maps out your home to evade obstacles and stairs.

Its map systems are designed to cover every inch of your floors. Through the Ezviz app, you can set specific cleaning routes for different rooms. You can even control the water level in the 300ml tank to match whatever grime it’s tackling. And if you’ve got a mix of carpets and hard floors, the RE5 Plus knows just when to switch the mop off. It will also crank up the suction on thick carpets for a deeper clean. Plus, it’s kind to your nerves with its low noise levels – so you can still hear the telly.

The RE5 Plus can go for up to 90 days without you having to touch a speck of dust, thanks to its 4L dust bag at the charging dock that seals away all the collected muck. If you’re worried about the planet while your floors are gleaming, rest easy knowing that the RE5 Plus incorporates recycled materials equivalent to 16 plastic water bottles. Ezviz even plants trees through their Global Forest Plan, so your green guilt can be thoroughly swept away, too.

And the best bit of all? The RE5 Plus is available for a more wallet-friendly £300. Better yet, it’s down to £260 during an introductory offer! You can snag one of these automated cleaning wonders on Amazon, making it an absolute steal compared to other robotic cleaners.

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