Word up: the 2079-piece Lego Typewriter immortalises a vintage word-smasher in plastic bricks

Our type of Lego kit
09 June 2021 / 15:57BST

Fancy yourself as the next Hunter S. Thompson, yet wedded to tapping out missives on your phone using your thumbs? Lego has the answer, in the shape of a gorgeous vintage typewriter you build from 2079 plastic pieces and that performs much like the real thing – but doesn’t create actual letters. Lego Typewriter (£199.99, available 1 July) does come with a letter, though, from Lego chairperson Thomas Kirk Kristiansen. It – or any other sheet of paper – can be fed into the platen roller and you can hammer away at the keys, gleefully watching as the carriage realistically moves across and the typebar rises each time a key is pressed. It’s safe to say this display piece is unlike any other Lego kit, its real-world object ambitions perhaps matched only by 2020’s Grand Piano. Surely it can’t be beyond suitably smart folks to hack this kit and make it work for real, too? Becasue we really fancy writing next month’s Stuff on one.

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