Sphero Bolt is a programmable ball with a dot-matrix display

Sphero’s new rolling ball toy has a display that can be programmed to show messages and play games.
10 September 2018 / 11:02BST

For the last couple of years, it’s appeared as though Sphero has been more interested in making Disney toys than it has on upgrading its much-loved original rolling toys. Well, thankfully, five years after the Sphero 2.0, there's a new ball in town. The Sphero Bolt features a clear case in order to show off a dot-matrix display inside. Why? Well, using Sphero’s new EDU app, you can program the dot-matrix to display messages or even play games, including Tic-Tac-Toe; tilting the ball to choose your slot on the board and shaking it to confirm. The new Sphero also comes with sensors which allow it to recognise other Bolts, meaning you’ll be able to teach them to follow each other or “swarm” together in packs in a future software update. Just like previous Spheros, Bolt is waterproof, charges wirelessly and is controlled using the Sphero Play app on a smartphone or tablet. Given the display, battery life is a little shorter at two-hours of constant use, but Sphero told us that in real-world use it'll still last most people a full day. The Sphero Bolt is available to buy now (£149.99) and will start shipping in the next few days.

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