Sphero's Spider-Man is an interactive superhero best friend for kids and big kids

Meet your new web-swinging bestie
15 June 2017 / 13:00BST

The trailers for Spider-Man: Homecoming make it look like Spidey's new best pal is Iron Man. Forget Tony Stark, though: with Sphero's new Spider-Man toy, you can be his best friend instead. Powered by a micro computer running Android, alongside voice-control software from the guys who made Amazon's Alexa, Sphero's Spider-Man is full of smarts. When you turn him on, he'll ask you for your superhero alter ego, and then recruit you to go on appropriately heroic missions with him. These can be small-scale (saving cats from trees, for example), right up to taking down nemeses like Venom. When you're not out saving the world, you can also get him to guard your room and tell you jokes. He's adorable, and available to buy today for £149.

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