Waalflower is a wall-mounted wireless Qi charger for any iPad or Android tablet

It’s a stick up
30 October 2018 / 14:02GMT

Annoyed at the space a traditional Qi stand needs? Fed up with your tablet sliding off a flat Qi charger when you’ve the audacity to touch the screen? Then Waalflower (from £59) might be just the ticket. It uses a cunning combination of adaptor, adhesive, charger and magnets to effortlessly stick your tablet to a wall – and then have it charge. This means you can safely follow recipes on your tablet while cooking, or turn an old Android device into a wall-mounted media centre. You just need a device with a central charging port, and to make peace with a 5mm adaptor being stuck to its back, which covers an iPad’s Apple logo and knackers its sleek lines. Still, silver linings, Jony Ive – you’ll now be able to use your iPad in the kitchen without accidentally covering it in jam.

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