Microsoft's Surface Studio 2 packs in even more for your money

The most powerful (and most expensive) Surface is now on sale
07 February 2019 / 17:12GMT

We had a mixed opinion of the original Surface Studio. It was objectively a phenomenal PC for artists and designers, thanks to its beautiful design and incredible hinge that supports all kinds of angles. But at a price of £3,000+ it was tough to justify – and easy to nitpick. The Surface Studio 2, however, might live up to that lofty price point. It's the "fastest Surface ever," says Microsoft, with 50% more graphics power via a new NVIDIA chip. Given the last version's gaming deficiencies, that's good news indeed; and Microsoft showed the brilliant Forza Horizon 4 running on it. The Surface Studio 2 also has a 2TB SSD standard to help speed things up, while that gorgeous 28in display is 38% brighter and packs in 22% more contrast. It still won't be cheap, with a £3,549 starting price, but we can't wait to get our hands on that screen when the Surface Studio 2 and it's available now. 

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