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Lenovo’s latest Yoga AIO 7 all-in-one will spin you right round

A 27in rotating display could be the perfect desktop companion for smartphone addicts

Lenovo Yoga AIO 7 2022 hot stuff

Vertical video: there’s no escaping it. No matter how often you tell your mum to turn her phone around, you just know that next WhatsApp clip is going to be portrait instead of landscape. Might as well embrace it, like Lenovo has with the Yoga AIO 7 all-in-one.

This dinky desktop PC’s 27in display can swivel from horizontal to vertical and back again, so you’re always making the most of the screen space available. We’re guessing Lenovo had spreadsheet and document work in mind, but this uprated edition’s new wireless streaming abilities make it the ideal smartphone companion too. With support for Apple AirPlay, DLNA and Miracast, most phones should be able to get in on the action.

The 16:9 panel has a 4K resolution and covers 95% of the DCI-P3 colour space, so should be sharp and vibrant enough for creative pros to work on. Actually rotating the screen still requires a bit of elbow grease, with a manual switch keeping the position locked, but it just takes a few seconds. With any wired accessories plugged into the base unit, you don’t have to worry about cables knotting whever you want some vertical action. You get a scattering of USB-A and USB-C ports, plus LAN and DisplayPort, so you can hook up a different PC or laptop if you want to use the screen as an external monitor.

Home workers don’t have to sweat about being tilted 90 degrees on their morning video calls, as Lenovo has bundled a clip-on webcam. The AIO’s base unit also includes two 5W speakers courtesy of JBL, which promise to pump out louder audio than last year’s model.

Smartphone support aside, this is essentially an upgraded version of last year’s AIO 7. The internals have been boosted with an AMD Ryzen 7 6800H CPU, as much as 32GB of RAM depending on spec, and an optional AMD Radeon RX6600M dedicated GPU. These are laptop components, but still promise to be pretty punchy when it comes to performance.

Lenovo isn’t going to be launching the Yoga AIO 7 everywhere, but for those countries that will get it, prices start at €1499 (around £1250). It should start shipping to customers from June.

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