Apple’s 7th-gen iPad adds a smart connector and gets a bigger screen

The smarter choice
10 September 2019 / 18:50BST

According to Apple, almost two-thirds of new users plump for the cheapest iPad. So it’s probably a good job Apple’s given it some love. Not too much love, mind. The new seventh-gen iPad (£349) doesn’t get the iPad Pro’s sleek design, nor a new chip (it still has the A10 Fusion), nor even USB-C. However, the screen has been bumped up to 10.2in, so you’ve got more space to work and play. And the new smart connector lets you attach your tablet to Apple’s full-size Smart Keyboard – ideal for word-smashage. Apple adds that the case is now also made from 100 per cent recycled alumin(i)um, for if you’re trying to be a little greener. You can order today, and your unit will ship around 30 September.

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