Amazon’s cheapest Kindle now lets you read in the dark

Redesigned e-reader includes a built-in light
20 March 2019 / 13:00GMT

Amazon’s entry level Kindle used to be useless in a power cut. While the more expensive Paperwhite and Oasis models had built-in lights, if you had the basic 6in one you’d need a head torch, some candles or the eyesight of an owl to carry on reading in the dark. But electrically challenged bookworms on a budget need worry no more, because Amazon has just given its cheapest Kindle an adjustable backlight as well. At £69.99 it costs £10 more than its gloomy predecessor but you still get a 167ppi display with better contrast, while capacitive tech makes the touchscreen much nicer to use. Built-in Bluetooth also means you can seamlessly switch been reading and listening to an audiobook, which, come to think of it, might be your better option in a blackout.

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