Zanco S-Pen is a chunky stylus that also thinks it’s a mobile phone

Take a note
06 June 2019 / 14:55BST

Bored that every blower these days looks like an identical slab of metal and glass? Then take a look at Zanco S-Pen ($49). As its name suggests, it looks like a pen – or rather one of those chunky markers a teacher might once have lobbed at your head when you weren’t paying attention. You can use the thing as a stylus, too, or a laser pen – but also as a phone, which is plainly bonkers. What’s more bonkers is it’ll also function as a camera, video recorder, MP3 player, and voice recorder. The battery lasts six days, although you’ll only need about six seconds to baffle friends on pulling the thing out and telling them you’re going to use it to take a selfie.