Planet Computers’ Astro Slide 5G smartphone packs a mini keyboard

UPDATED: now official
19 January 2021 / 11:41GMT

Not to be confused with a DJ Casper comeback single (seriously, the last thing anyone needs right now) the Astro Slide 5G is still a throwback of sorts from the company that loves to court PDA-lovers. And yet, something is amiss, because while the slide out physical backlit keyboard might feel decidedly old school, 5G connectivity are most definitely not. The Astro Slide was announced towards the beginning of last last year via an Indiegogo campaign, but it's how official. Early backers might be a bit disappointed that the MediaTek Dimensity 1000 processor initially promised is now a less powerful Dimensity 800, but you do get an upgraded 6.39in FHD+ AMOLED display, 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, plus a 48MP main camera. At the moment it's a 3,500mAh cell for the battery, which can be charged wirelessly. But the big draw here is obviously the QWERTY, whose slide-out mechanism means the phone can be used in portrait mode like a normal phone when you don't need the keyboard. The Astro Slide 5G is set for release in June, and remains €529 on the original campaign page.