Microsoft gets back in the smartphone game with the dual-screened Surface Duo

Windows Phone is finally back… via a foldable Android...
02 October 2019 / 17:49BST

The long, long-rumoured Surface Phone is finally real, and it's called the Surface Duo. And no, this isn't the grand revival of Microsoft's Windows Phone initiative: this dual-screened foldable phone actually runs Android. Surprise! Much like the larger, tablet-sized Surface Neo, the pocket-friendlier Surface Duo packs a pair of screens, letting you use either screen individually, together as one, or in a laptop-esque form for easier messaging. In this case, you get two 5.6in screens that combine to form one 8.3in image if you please. It feels like Microsoft's attempt to battle against Samsung's Galaxy Fold and other incoming foldables – but hopefully since it doesn't actually have one uniform screen, it'll be a bit cheaper. We're still expecting a sizable price tag when this beauty releases for holiday 2020.