Microsoft's Surface Neo is a revolutionary dual-screened, foldable super-tablet

Whoa, indeed
02 October 2019 / 17:41BST

The Surface Pro has led the wave of transformable tablets, but Microsoft will take things in a new direction next year with the Surface Neo. As the name suggests, it's something very new from the PC giant – a dual-screened, foldable tablet that supports a variety of form factors. And it's not solely about touch: it also has a fold-out (and detachable) physical keyboard that can position anywhere atop one of the screens, as well as a magnetic stylus that attaches to the back. The Surface Neo has two 9in displays that combine into one large 13in view if you please, or you can use them individually in different positions. It's gorgeous, but also sure to be wildly expensive. We don't have any specs or release details, however, aside from a planned holiday 2020 rollout.

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