MagDart is Realme’s answer to MagSafe, and debuts with the world’s fastest magnetic wireless charger

On the pull
03 August 2021 / 18:00BST

Magnets in phones are nothing new, but Apple went big on the recurring trend with the iPhone 12 by bringing back its MagSafe branding, and has been adding accessories to the line ever since, including the recent MagSafe battery pack. Now it’s Android’s turn, courtesy of Realme and its new magnetic charging solution, MagDart. The flagship accessory here is the 50W MagDart charger, which Realme is calling the world's fastest magnetic wireless charger. It can juice up a compatible phone from 0-100% in just under an hour, which is almost as fast as Realme’s 50W SuperDart wired charger. The far thinner (3.9mm) 15W MagDart Charger can fully charge the same 4500mAh cell in 90 minutes, which comfortably beats Apple’s MagSafe equivalent. Realme has also announced a magnetic power bank that can double as a stand for your phone when placed in a dock, while the MagDart wallet not only holds your cards, but also features a kickstand that can hold a phone up when you're taking calls or watching a movie. Finally, the MagDart Beauty Light is a flip-up ring light for your phone’s front-facing camera, powering itself with reverse charging. Before magnet fans get too excited, the only phone with built-in MagDart support right now is the concept Realme Flash, which nobody can buy. But it’ll presumably soon be joined by others, and a MagDart case for the Realme GT is on the way.