Apple has quietly started selling a MagSafe battery pack for iPhone 12

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14 July 2021 / 11:47BST

Apple promised a variety of MagSafe accessories when it announced that it was bringing back the tech with the iPhone 12 line, but so far none of them have been must-haves. A MagSafe battery pack, though, makes a lot of sense, and Apple is now taking pre-orders for exactly that. The curved rectangular battery pack snaps to the back of your iPhone 12 or 12 Pro via magnets, and once attached will charge the device wirelessly. We don’t currently know how quickly it does that, but Apple says you can combine it with a 27W (like the one that currently ships with a MacBook) or higher charger for faster charging, and if you plug in a Lightning cable (not included) the battery pack doubles as a 15W wireless charger. So it’ll juice up any dead AirPods you might have in your pocket, too. The £99 MagSafe Battery Pack can be ordered now, with Apple estimating a 23-27 July dispatch window.