The Galaxy S8 Active has arrived and is ready to take a beating

Curved screen scrapped in the name of toughness
08 August 2017 / 9:41BST

Mountaineers, explorers and the seriously accident-prone have no reason to skip out on Samsung's latest and greatest any more. The Galaxy S8 finally has an Active variant, which is built to withstand some serious punishment. The shapely curves and glass body might have been ditched for a flat screen, metal frame and rubberised outer shell, but underneath it's the same uber-powerful flagship - only Samsung has found room inside for an even bigger 4000mAh battery. The 5.8in AMOLED screen is shatterproof now, and the whole thing can survive drops, shocks, water and dust. So it's like a tank, only you can make calls on it. And it fits in your pocket. No word on a UK release just yet, but all-American adventurers will be able to grab one today through AT&T or $899 outright.