Bye bye bezels: LG's G6 is a super-sized smartphone surprise

Modular madness kicked to the kerb in favour of flagship-friendly features
14 March 2017 / 10:00GMT

We loved the G5’s modular weirdness, with its ability to slot in a spare battery, an audio DAC or a handy camera grip. We didn’t ever use it, but it was a refreshing idea. The G6, LG says, is back to straight-up superphone and no unusualness. Liars! The screen of the G6 is extraordinary in that it’s an 18:9 aspect ratio – taller than most phone screens. To what end? A pub brag, mainly, citing a better-than-QHD resolution of 2880x1440 and a 5.7in display that fits in roughly the same shell as the 5.2in G5 screen. And that’s with the added rubbery bits to make it waterproof. Good work, LG.


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