Apple’s second-gen iPhone SE is like an iPhone 8 with the beating heart of an iPhone 11

Pieces of eight
15 April 2020 / 17:31BST

The original iPhone SE was an iPhone 6S’s guts mashed into an iPhone 5S shell. Presumably reasoning the same trick will work twice, 2020’s iPhone SE (from £419) is instead the spit of an iPhone 8, but with the same cutting-edge A13 Bionic chip that’s stuffed inside the iPhone 11 line. Yes, that means this entry-level Apple blower should blaze past the iPhone XR (and most Android phones) in terms of sheer performance — and it’s no slouch in other areas either. There’s a 12MP rear camera with Portrait mode and 4K video recording capabilities that takes full advantage of the A13’s computational clout. The battery will last all-day and this iPhone SE has wireless charging too. And although the 326 ppi 1334×750px display isn’t as pin-sharp as those on Apple’s more expensive phones, the SE will take up less room in your pocket — and less of a chunk out of your bank balance.