Redesigned Echo Plus adds more oomph to Amazon's higher-end Alexa speaker

Smaller size, bigger sound
20 September 2018 / 22:02BST

Last year's Echo Plus looked much like the original Echo, using the same kind of metal-tube Pringles can shape, yet packed in better sound – and connected home hub smarts. This time around, however, Amazon has kicked the industrial design to the curb in favour of something a lot softer and more cushiony. And while the new Echo Plus is also a fair bit smaller than before, the larger woofer makes for better bass and clearer overall audio output. It's likely still the best-sounding Echo of the bunch and remains a Zigbee smart home hub, plus intriguingly, it can control some devices even when your internet goes down. And this year's edition also includes a temperature sensor, making it easier to control your home comfort from afar. That might be more functionality than some Echo owners need, but this Plus packs perks. It rolls out on 11 October at the same £139.99 price point as before.

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