If Nespresso did beer it would look like the PicoBrew Pico C

Home-made craft brews, without the yeasty dungarees
04 May 2017 / 14:15BST

You know that kitchen machine that conjures coffee with a pod and a press? What if you could do that with craft beer? That’s a question answered by PicoBrew’s Pico C (from US$100). Add water and a PicoPak (which is auto-scanned via RFID, natch, so the Wi-Fi-connected C knows how to brew it), adjust the bitterness and strength, and - two hours later - it's ready for the keg. OK, so you have to ferment it for a week, but five litres of fine beverage is probably worth the wait. More of a gin drinker? Stick on a PicoStill attachment and you’ve got a personal botanicals factory.

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