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Eve’s Outdoor Cam encrypts live feeds for a more secure Apple home

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Smart security cameras might keep a watchful eye on your humble abode, but there’s always the niggling fear that a savvy rascal might hack your surveillance system to take a sneaky peak at your pad.

Not with Eve’s new Outdoor Cam. Designed to work exclusively with Apple HomeKit Secure Video, the security cam locks down live streams so they never go through the cloud.

How does it work? Instead of beaming real-time images up to iCloud, the Eve Outdoor Cam instead sends a fully encrypted feed via Wi-Fi through a compatible home hub device – namely your Apple TV or HomePod. So anyone trying to hop on and watch your stream from outside won’t have much luck.

Recordings are stored in your iCloud account, but end-to-end encryption means the clips will be for your eyes only.

As for the Outdoor Cam itself, it captures scenes in 1080p at 24fps. So it’s not the sharpest cam around, but it’s more than clear enough for most visiting mugs. Motion-detection also means it’ll never miss a moment, while intelligent subject recognition can tell the difference between people, pets and packages.

A 157-degree field of view should be plenty to protect your porch, plus infrared night vision keeps things covered after dark. Keen to illuminate intruders? An integrated floodlight can activate automatically to let lurkers know they’ve been spotted – plus two-way comms mean you can tell them where to go.

Available from April 2022, the Eve Outdoor Cam will set you back $250. UK pricing is yet to be confirmed.

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