Dyson Pure Hot+Cool cleans the air as well as heats and cools it

Now with its own screen to tell you how dirty your house is
09 November 2018 / 16:51GMT

It’s becoming clear now: tech companies will not rest until every powered device in our homes is capable of constantly nagging us. Take Dyson’s new Pure Hot+Cool (£549.99, available now), which at first glance appears to be a mere seasonal update to the company’s existing fan/heater/purifier model. Not so – this version sports a little LCD screen on the front so even with your phone switched off, you’ll be able to see how filthy your living room has become. As well as doing its bit to keep nasty particles and pollutants at bay by trapping them in its HEPA filter guts, it features efficient thermostat heating in the winter and fan cooling in the summer, shifting more than 290 litres of purified air per second.

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