The Bluicer is the love child of blenders and juicers around the world

What the bluice?
11 November 2019 / 14:31GMT

What happens when you smush together a blender and a juicer? It's simple, really. You end up with the Bluicer. Available in two forms, the 3X Bluicer (£299) and the 3X Bluicer Pro (£369), the latest kitchen gizmo from Sage Appliances is a space-saving blender-juicer combo that's capable of juicing all sorts of fruit and veg or blending them into a delectable mouth-drink. The hybrid machine accommodates a number of interchangeable parts such as a juicing shoot with an attachable pulp bin and a blending jug that doubles as a carafe for juicing, and features five one touch programs that'll help you create the perfect slurpy in an instant. It's a revolutionary idea that seems anything but, and one that could be the perfect kitchen addition for anyone chasing that illusive health kick.

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