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This smart pet door from Pawport makes letting the dog out safer and more convenient

It's an automatic doggy door that uses a smart tag on your pet's collar to detect when it needs to open up.

Pawport smart pet door from CES

When it comes to the top smart home gadgets, we’re already sorted on letting ourselves in and out with smart locks. But why should your pet miss out on all the fun? Pawport’s latest automatic pet door is a smart doggy door that’s about to make your furry friend’s life (and yours) a whole lot easier.

Aesthetically, Pawport’s pet door is more of a looker than a show-quality Pomeranian. The pet door is sleek, modern, and packs LED lighting. But Pawport is not your average doggy door. It’s motorized, smarter than your average hamster, and hooks up to your pet’s collar. You won’t need to worry about raccoons hosting parties in your kitchen or that sneaky neighbourhood cat sneaking in for a free meal. This door only opens when it detects your furry friend’s smart tag on its collar. How smart is that?

This isn’t just a simple flap in the door. Pawport has a few more tricks up its sleeve to help with your piece of mind. Deadbolt locks? Check. Energy-efficient seal? Got that too. Plus, it comes with a companion app for you to tweak some even smarter features. You can set curfews for your pets (because even pets need bedtimes), and if you’re the type who likes to keep tabs, you can track your pet’s comings and goings.

If you’re worried about getting set up with Pawport’s smart pet door, don’t be. This thing mounts onto existing pet doors, so it’s super easy to set up. But if you’re starting from scratch, Pawport also offers a complete system, including a fancy pet door tunnel. And for the eco-conscious out there, you can even add on solar charging panels. There are other accessories that range from swappable battery packs, to ramps for the less agile pets and even some snazzy collars.

While Pawport might be showing off its pet flap at CES, you can pre-order this bad boy directly from the brand right now at a discounted price. Shipping starts in the spring of 2024, and prices begin at $459.

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