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I want to buy Nintendo’s Pastel Pink Joy-Con set (I don’t even own a Switch)

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I’m a sucker for bright, pastel colours, which is why the poorly regulated part of my brain — the densely-packed nest of neurons that scours eBay at 3am searching for a complete Walkers Tazos Loony Tunes set — is itching to buy Nintendo’s new Pastel Pink Joy-Con set, despite never having owned a Switch. I won’t of course, but it’s mighty tempting. Just look at them — all pink and pastelly, perfectly accented against all-black buttons and bumpers, just like my favourite liquorice allsort. 

Launching alongside Princess Peach: Showtime!, the Pastel Pink Joy-Con set will be available to snap up directly from My Nintendo Store US and My Nintendo Store UK for $79.99 and £69.99, respectively. Nintendo states that they’ll also be available at select retailers, with the general sale being “for a limited time”, which suggests they’re of the limited edition variety.

These aren’t the first pastel Joy-Con sets that Nintendo will release — in fact, there was a rather fetching range of pastel-coloured Joy-Con controllers released last year — but this is the first set to feature an all-pink pair.

Artfully marketed against a backdrop of pink roses, we suppose it could be the ultimate late Valentine’s Day present for the gamer in your life, if you’re into that sort of commercialism, that is. I’m not one to judge.

Either way, I expect they’ll be sold out pretty quickly come release day, so set yourself a reminder and get those trigger fingers ready. And Nintendo — if you’re reading this, I’ll jump on board the Switch bandwagon if you release a suitably-coloured console to match. Bonus points if it’s cat-themed.

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