Unravel is a fast wireless charger for three devices – or a handy charging stand for one

It all stacks up
12 October 2018 / 13:26BST

Need a new and portable charger for your power-hungry devices? Want a stand so you can gawp at YouTube when you’re supposed to be working, or have someone see up your noise when your on FaceTime? Well, you’re in luck, because Unravel (from $99.99) is all of those things. Like a minimal triple-changer (one for the Transformers fans, there), it can be quickly flipped between three modes due to a natty hinge design. When flat, there are three 10W wireless pads for charging. Tight for space? Stack Unravel up, for a single charging pad, or to sling in a bag. Want to charge and peer? Fold Unravel into a triangle – ideal for those video calls that feel like they will never end.