Smeg's CGF01 is the stylish coffee grinder your kitchen pines for

The daily grind
31 March 2020 / 13:45BST

Just when you thought you had got used to the smell of whoever or whatever you’re isolating with, Italy has come to the rescue to help fill the air with wafts of ground coffee beans. The Smeg CGF01 offers 30 different levels of grinding to put Notting Hill Carnival dancers to shame, so you can home in on the right grain for your taste buds. Designed to deliver for espresso machines, stovetop pots, American coffee makers and French presses, the CGF01 is made from die-cast aluminium and conical stainless steel for a homogeneous grind which, Smeg say, preserves coffee aromas without altering the flavour. Available in the brand’s iconic 50s style finishes, the grinder can also be used with its ECF01 espresso machine and the DCF02 drip-filter brewer. Pick one up for £199.95 from the Smeg website in a delightful array of colours for discerning kitchen worktops.