RepliTronics reimagines iconic 1980s change machines and tape decks as chargers and power banks

I have the power!
21 August 2019 / 10:03BST

New Wave Toys has form in Honey, I Shrunk The Technology territory, yet until now has squarely focused on arcade cabinets. But with RepliTronics (from $35), the company wants to give a refresh to iconic kit that doesn’t have you blow up aliens or punch someone in the face. A change machine becomes the ‘Charge Machine’, a 1:6 scale replica fashioned from wood, metal and plastic. Its five USB 2.0 ports and single USB 3.0 quick-charge port are ideal for powering RepliCades – or boring modern kit like smartphones (which should probably be dressed in a Game Boy cover to properly fit in). Elsewhere, the Hotline 16000 power bank mimics a vintage personal tape player in 1:1 scale. It has USB-C, USB-A, wireless charging, and real tactile buttons. It won’t, though, play that battered cassette of the soundtrack to Fame you’ve been desperate to give another airing to since 1982.