RepliCade is a fully playable Tempest arcade cabinet that fits in the palm of your hand

Storm in a teacup
25 January 2019 / 11:27GMT

Tempest is a gaming classic, a little ship zipping around vector webs, while you blast evil aliens into space dust. But if you want an original Tempest arcade cabinet, you’ll need a massive pile of cash and a ton of space – until now. RepliCade ($119) cunningly transforms the arcade original cabinet into a handheld. Sort of. What you do get is a fully playable, officially licensed, limited edition Tempest at 1/6 scale. The tiny cabinet has a backlit marquee, side panel art, and overlay graphics. The original controls have been resized to fit the dinky machine and cater for your giant-sized (relatively speaking) mitts. And those vectors all get to glow on a vivid 3.5-inch display. Robotron: 2084 next, please!