Petit Qoobo is a tiny headless robot cat that wags its tail as it lives in your bag

The purrfect pet alternative
10 August 2020 / 15:15BST

Remember Qoobo? And by remember, we mean ‘not managed to scrub every trace of the terrifying headless animatronic robot cat pillow from your mind’? Well, it turns out people loved the thing, to the degree they wanted a smaller one to shove in a bag. If you’re one such person, keep an eye out for Petit Qoobo (from £54; available December 2020). Not only is this not-a-cat dinkier than the original, but it has new tricks beyond responding to human interaction when stroked. Petit Qoobo adds a mic to move its tail in response to noise, and is capable of “letting its user know it’s alive by vibrating occasionally” in a manner that approximates a heartbeat. If you’re smitten by this headless kitten, it’s much cheaper than its $149 sibling too.