This new Lego Ideas Friends Central Perk set will be there for you, when the rain starts to pour

We were on a brick
08 August 2019 / 17:09BST

Friends might have breathed its last in 2004, but the famous sit-com got a second wind through Netflix. Now for its 25th anniversary, the main characters and their favourite coffee shop have been immortalised in plastic, as Lego Ideas: Central Perk (£64.99, available 8 August). With over 1000 pieces, the set features seven new minifigs, and is packed with details from the show, including the famous orange couch, and a stage where Lego Phoebe can attack everyone’s ears with the latest rendition of Smelly Cat. Two brick-built studio light rigs flank the miniature set. (You did know Friends wasn’t real, right?) And because they’re little plastic figures, these Friends really will be there for you, forever – unless Lego Joey decides to go it alone in an ill-advised spin-off set. DON’T DO IT, LEGO JOEY! IT’LL ALL GO HORRIBLY WRONG!