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Check out the incredible Dungeons & Dragons Lego set – but you’ll need a dragon’s hoard to buy one

Make your next tabletop adventure one that involves a dungeon, a dragon and 3745 plastic bricks

Lego Dungeons and Dragons D&D

To celebrate 50 years of Dungeons & Dragons, the famous tabletop adventure has teamed up with the plastic brick folks, for the first ever official Lego D&D set. Dungeons & Dragons: Red Dragon’s Tale is a 48cm-high build comprising a whopping 3745 pieces. It’s quite the monster. And, suitably, it even includes some brick-built monsters.

Along with a beholder, an owlbear and a displacer beast, you’ll be able to piece together gigantic posable dragon Cinderhorn, who can unsportingly stomp about and kill the selection of included minifigs, or sit griping atop the castle wall. All depending on whether it rolls a 6 or a 20. Or something.

Naturally, there’s a dungeon to go with the dragon, along with other suitably in-universe builds, such as a tower, a tavern, and a bunch of greenery that the aforementioned monsters can lurk behind. The Lego D&D set is due to arrive on 4 April, and you’ll need a pile of dragon gold to pay for it, since it’ll cost you $359.99/£314.99.

Lego D&D: on a roll

Lego D&D Dragon

Dungeons & Dragons: Red Dragon’s Tale was based on the winning submission of a recent Lego Ideas competition, and is only part of the Lego D&D goodness coming to Lego over the coming months.

First up, anyone who buys the set from Lego itself between 1–7 April will receive a Lego D&D Mimic Dice Box gift. Then on 6 April at 12pm EDT/5pm BST, Lego will broadcast an ‘epic game night’, featuring Anjali Bhimani as Dungeon Master, actor Luis Carazo, tabletop YouTuber Ginny Di, and the set’s designers.

But that’s not all. Current D&D publisher Wizards of the Coast has developed a bespoke adventure book for the set, which will be available as a free download – or a limited paperback, in exchange for 2700 Lego Insider points. And in September, Lego D&D will get a full Lego minifig series. Which given the random nature of collectible minifig boxes – every purchase feels like rolling a dice – feels entirely appropriate for once. 

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