Moleskine’s Pen + Ellipse smart pen wants to bridge analogue notes and digital creativity

The write stuff
23 February 2018 / 17:36GMT

The name Moleskine brings to mind people scribbling in little black notebooks, but the company’s long dragged the analogue world (and those who live in it) kicking and screaming into the digital age. Its latest effort is the Moleskine Pen + Ellipse (£179), a new iteration of its smart pen that works in tandem with the company’s Smart Writing System. Design-wise, the pen has a gentle rounded shape – a nod to Moleskine books and digital devices, and the cap clips to any hardcover notebook. But the digital smarts are the best bit, the pen storing content offline, or instantly transferring notes and appointments to devices (assuming you’ve the right paper and apps). Just don’t forget about all this connectivity and write ‘my boss is a massive idiot’ when your pen’s syncing to your iPad, projecting its screen for all to see.