Meural is a digital frame for people who can’t decide on one painting

The art is alive
05 March 2018 / 16:57GMT

You know how it goes. You’ve spent all day hauling yourself around various galleries looking for the perfect piece to bring your newly painted living room walls to life. Then you put it up, only to realise that the rainbow-colored cow wearing a top hat is just a bit too distracting. With the Meural Digital Art Frame, you don’t have to settle on one piece of art. Once subscribed to the Meural membership you’ll have access to over 30,000 works, many of which are animated, but you can upload your own, too. Sensors embedded within the Wi-Fi frame make it possible to flick through your collection by simply waving your hand, but the app works just as well if wizard impressions aren't your thing. Pre-order on Firebox for £599.99.