Lego’s 1023-piece Creator Expert Harley-Davidson Fat Boy is wheelie good

The whole hog
10 July 2019 / 10:41BST

Like Lego, but irked at the Creator Expert line’s focus on four-wheeled vehicles? Well, it’s your turn now, bikers, with the Lego Creator Expert Harley-Davidson Fat Boy (£84.99). Available 1 August, this monster set’s 1023 pieces craft a foot-long model that captures the essence of the real thing. There are solid-disc wheels and a teardrop fuel tank. Spin the rear tyre and the engine and dual exhaust pipes spring to life. You can turn the handlebars while driving the bike across the kitchen table while yelling VVVRRROOOOOOMMM! And there’s a handy kickstand to park the thing when everyone asks you to stop. Not enough Lego bike for you? Find out if your local Lego store’s getting the full-size 69,569-piece take, with Wi-Fi animation control, sound, and light effects – but do realise you won’t get to bring that one home.