Commute (and almost certainly fall) in style with Segway’s Drift W1 e-skates

Double trouble
02 July 2018 / 12:30BST

Three years ago Mike Tyson, former world heavyweight boxing champion, took his place on the Segway hoverboard. What followed was a timely reminder that even the best can fail. Epically, in fact. The colossal frame of Tyson slipped, leant back, hung in mid- air, before crashing to the floor as the Segway spun away. Perhaps he’ll have better luck with Segway’s new product, the Segway Drift W1 e-skates. Imagine the hoverboard being sliced in half, one for each foot, and you’ve got the Drift. Bambi on ice is one image that comes to mind. They use Segway’s self-balancing tech, so all you have to do is place a foot on top of each skate, rather than locking them in. That doesn’t mean it won’t all end in tears, of course, but at least you can leap to safety before hurtling into a band of suited bankers on the way to work.