Brighten your bicuspids with the Colgate E1 smart toothbrush

An Apple exclusive
18 July 2018 / 15:57BST

Can you name your 16 brushing zones? Don’t fret, this Colgate teeth-sweeper offers real-time feedback on all of them. Sold exclusively by Apple, data is synced to an iOS-exclusive Colgate Connect app with an Apple Watch extension. Bluetooth-connected handle sensors evaluate your twice-daily polishing over time, offering long-term advice on perfecting your pearly whites. There’s even a game called “Go Pirate” to keep younger users tending to their pegs properly, gaining coins the longer they brush. (No, we’re not sure if you can name your avatar ‘Gnasher Basher’.) Data can be shared with your dentist to prove you’ve been good, too. The £89.95 Colgate E1 is available in Apple Stores from today.