Bit Electric wants you to rock out with its ukuleles that are also tiny electric guitars

Uke can rock out
28 February 2018 / 11:00GMT

Electric guitars are great, but also bulky and therefore tricky to cart about. Ukuleles are diminutive, but tend to sound a bit… well, they’re not exactly rock, are they? Bit Electronics’ cunning plan is to combine the two forms, which has resulted in a range of hand-crafted four-string electric guitars (from MX$2900 – about £110) you can sling in a backpack. Naturally, given that these are tiny axes, you can plug the things into a full-on rock set-up and unleash full distortion fury on everyone within earshot, while looking like a crazed giant wrestling with a tiny guitar. The Kickstarter’s already funded, and all ukes ordered will ship in June, giving you plenty of time to get properly amped up.