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Anker’s latest MagSafe power bank is one beefy battery

10000mAh on tap makes for an unsubtle but effective way to stay charged while on the move

Anker 633 magnetic battery pack hot stuff

What’s the point in giving your smartphone a svelte, slimline battery boost if it lacks the juice for a complete charge? If you want the wattage to keep the latest iPhones topped up, you’ve gotta brute force it. Enter the Anker 633, an absolute behemoth of a battery pack that plays nicely with Apple’s convenient MagSafe tech.

A whopping 10000mAh provides enough power to completely recharge an iPhone 12 twice, or an iPhone 13 Pro once and still have enough in reserve for another 50% top-up later. That’s more than double the capacity of last year’s PowerCore Magnetic 5K. The Anker 633 is also about twice as thick as that old model, though, so you won’t forget when it’s hooked up to your handset.

MagSafe support means completely cord-free charging: just slap down your iPhone and magnets securely hold the power bank in place. We’d expect it play nicely with other smartphones too, albeit without the magnetic seal, so would only be good for stationary top-ups. A built-in stand flips out the back of the brick, for propping up the phone on a desk and watching a video or two while you wait for it to charge.

Want a quicker charge than Apple’s 7.5W wireless charging support can provide? Plug in your phone to the 20W USB-C Power Delivery port and you’ll hit 100% in a third of the time. There’s also a regular USB port for charging older gadgets that aren’t as thirsty for electrons. It’ll manage passthrough charging, too, to keep itself topped up while charging your handset.

It’s available in black and white colours here in the UK, but otherwise doesn’t earn many style points: it’s a big ‘ol brick, pure and simple. But if you want the biggest battery going, it’s currently unrivalled.

The Anker 633 is available to order today for £70, via Amazon.