Sony's new DualShock 4 attachment adds programmable back buttons to the PlayStation gamepad

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18 December 2019 / 11:29GMT

Sony has unveiled a new DualShock 4 attachment that adds two programmable back buttons to the PlayStation 4 controller. Designed specifically for competitive gamers - although it could come in useful outside of the esports scene - the t-shaped peripheral clips onto the bottom of the gamepad, imbuing it with an additional pair of tactile buttons that can be mapped with up to 16 different actions such as triangle, circle, R1 and R2. The attachment also sports a circular OLED display that serves up real-time information about each button’s current assignment, and can be used to remap buttons on the fly or store up to three different profiles - letting players tweak their setup in-game if the need strikes. The nifty add-on will be launching in the U.S. and Canada in January 2020, and will hopefully make its way to European shores soon after.