This SNES-inspired Switch pad is an instabuy for old school gamers

There’s even more joy in this con
25 September 2017 / 16:03BST

Didn’t nab a SNES Classic Mini pre-order? Buddy, you are not alone. Sadly, we can’t help you there, but we do have a slight consolation in the shape of this rather lovely retro-fuelled controller for the Nintendo Switch. 8Bitdo has been making wireless replicas of the legendary 16-bit console’s pad for a while now, but the SF30 Pro (available for pre-order, £39.99) adds rumble vibration, motion controls, a few extra buttons (including home and screenshot) and USB-C connectivity to make it fully compatible with Ninty’s hybrid marvel. Bluetooth enabled, it will work just fine on Steam, MacOS, Windows and Android, too. All we need now is that Virtual Console.