RetroStone 2 is a hackable handheld console that puts gaming history in the palm of your hand

Rock of ages
27 August 2019 / 12:59BST

Retro consoles that look a lot like Game Boys are arriving from China at a rate of knots these days. But RetroStone 2 (€129) is something different. Following on from the original RetroStone, with its hugely popular mix of power, usability, and quality, RetroStone 2 is – like any good sequel – better in every way. This heavily redesigned model echoes its predecessor in looks – a familiar-looking case; open-source software; a D-Pad and four face buttons; four trigger buttons on the back. But it now has a crystal clear 640×480px digital LCD, a soft shutdown button, a removable 4000mAh battery, and an energy efficient CPU that should keep you immersed in retro bliss for up to seven hours. Got some friends? Plug in some USB gamepads, and output via HDMI to your telly. Need to do some work? Use those same outputs to transform RetroStone 2 into the coolest dinky PC around.