The Pro 2 is 8BitDo’s most advanced wireless pad to date

Total controller
16 March 2021 / 17:52GMT

As well as having one of the best brand names going, 8BitDo makes some of the very best third-party controllers out there to boot, and its latest is the most feature-packed yet. The Pro 2 (£42) builds on the Pro+ before it, featuring an enhanced grip and two mappable back buttons, which sit underneath the triggers. The placement of these buttons, to which you can assign any function or macro, means you don’t need to take your thumbs off the thumbsticks at all while playing. In addition, you can dynamically switch between three custom profiles to suit the game or system, while a 4-way Mode Switch button allows you to hop between your different connected Bluetooth devices, faff-free. The Nintendo Switch, PC, macOS and Android are all supported. There’s a USB cable in the box too if you prefer wired play. Playtime is rated at 20 hours, with a four-hour recharge time. You can pre-order yours now.