The Oculus Rift S is a complete overhaul of the seminal VR headset

Inside-out tracking and a new design redefine the PC-based experience
20 March 2019 / 16:10GMT

The Oculus Rift helped define modern virtual reality, and now Oculus has gone back to the drawing board with the Oculus Rift S. It's named like a simple revision model, but one glance reveals that it's a totally new beast. Designed in partnership with Lenovo, the Oculus Rift S has a PlayStation VR-like design with a headband that rests atop your dome and a visor that hangs in front of your face. It's all new on the inside, too, thanks to a higher-resolution display and improved optics, while the five device-mounted cameras allow for "inside-out" tracking that enables movement and room-scale VR without external sensors. It's a whole new PC-driven Rift (and not the standalone Oculus Quest, FYI), but you won't have to pay more for the added perks: the Rift S ships with the familiar Touch controllers this spring for US$399, the same price as the current Rift.