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Oculus Quest drops the PC, but keeps the 6DOF VR bliss

A powerful, standalone headset that's part Rift and part Go

This year’s Oculus Go was an admirable attempt to deliver an affordable VR experience, but with Gear VR-level performance and screen shortcomings, it was nowhere near the quality of the Rift or HTC Vive. But the Oculus Quest might properly bridge the gap. The company’s next headset, previously known as Santa Cruz, is a full-blooded standalone VR device that needs no PC, console, or smartphone, let alone dangling wires or external sensors – and it still allows for six degrees of freedom movement, complete with the Rift’s Touch controllers. It uses four sensors on the Quest itself for “inside-out” tracking, to capture your movements but also keep you from slamming into walls and lamps. And Oculus claims that it delivers Rift-quality experiences, with games like Robo Recall, Moss, and The Climb coming over at launch. It’ll ship next spring at US$399 for the 64GB base model.

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