LG expands UltraGear range with new super-fast gaming monitors

Faster than fast
12 June 2019 / 16:22BST

LG has unveiled two brand spanking new gaming monitors at E3, and they're the first in the world capable of achieving a 1 milisecond gray-to-gray response time. Part of the company's UltraGear series, the new double act uses Nano IPS tech to reproduce colours with pinpoint accuracy and can deliver a refresh rate of 144Hz, which is overclockable to 175Hz. The larger UltraGear Nano IPS (38GL950G) is a 38in longerino that sports a sleek curved 21:9 display that's virtually borderless. Just like its uber-wide sibling, the smaller 27in monitor (27GL850) is NVIDIA G-SYNC compatible, and also supports HDR10. Both will include gamer-specific settings like Dynamic Action Sync mode, Black Staibilizer, and Crosshair, which can apparently help players improve their accuracy in first-person shooters. LG will start rolling out the dynamic duo next month, with prices starting at $499 for the 27in display and rising to $1999 for the 38in curved model.