GameBoks is a hand-crafted wooden box with a built-in screen for console gamers on the go

Box clever
18 July 2019 / 11:27BST

That moment when you’re multiplayer gaming, turn to give a friend a high-five, and realise you’re alone in the dark with a headset on. But the last time you tried to cart your console and monitor to a friend’s, everything tumbled down the stairs to oblivion. Well, no more, because now there’s GameBoks (€749). This hand-crafted briefcase-like wooden contraption secures your Xbox One or PS4, and has a couple of silent fans for keeping it cool. Most importantly, the case includes speakers and a 1080p 24.5in screen with a response time of under 1ms. So now you can be confident of getting gaming kit to a friend’s place safely – and will have a pretty hefty means of giving them a concussion if they win a few too many games of FIFA on the trot.