EPOS launches the H3, its first over-ear gaming headset since going it alone

‘Premium audio’ for a not so premium price
20 April 2021 / 17:58BST

You only have to ask Phil Collins about how rewarding going solo can be, and while audio specialist EPOS probably isn’t expecting to become quite such a household name, it’s definitely looking to become firmly established in the gaming space after breaking off from its former partnership with Sennheiser. The first solo-branded EPOS product was the GTW 270 Hybrid, some nifty, if flawed, true wireless earbuds. And now we have the H3, the company’s first over-ear headset. Being wired, it’ll connect to any gaming device or pad with a 3.5mm jack (that’s most of them), while its lightweight design and durable padding should make it a good pick for longer sessions. Handy features include a boom arm that you can flick upwards to auto-mute the mic when not in use, and a volume control wheel in the right earcup that allows for quick adjustments. EPOS promises great audio for an entry-level price, and while we can’t pass judgment on the first claim yet, £109 looks like a good deal on paper. The headset is available in all black or a PS5-matching black and white, and is available to buy now.