The Ayn Odin handheld console is like a Switch and an Android phone had a baby

Handheld of the gods
23 August 2021 / 17:59BST

From the best games on Google Play to the slew of emulators that allows you to explore gaming’s history, there’s a lot to love about Android gaming – apart from pawing at glass. The Ayn Odin (from £128, shipping November) deftly deals with that snag by reimagining an Android device as a swish modern handheld console. We’ve seen Android handhelds before, but the Odin looks to be a bit special. You get an ergonomic case, all the usual buttons, and a 1080p 5.98in display. Built-in button mapping lets you assign buttons to touchscreen titles that don’t yet support physical controllers, and there’s an optional dock for telly gaming. It’s worth noting the low-end ‘lite’ only packs a D900 processor, but go ‘base’ or ‘pro’ (£153 or £194, respectively) and you get a Snapdragon 845 instead, bringing top-notch performance whether digging into Retroarch, streaming, or playing the latest native Android games. Even then, this package won’t worry Steam Deck when it comes to raw power – but then the Odin’s just half the price.