Arcade1Up’s replica cabinets hit the UK to immerse you in 1980s gaming bliss

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14 June 2019 / 15:30BST

When you fancy playing an arcade classic, you can fire up an emulator on your PC or phone, or delve into virtual consoles, but there’s something lacking. Authenticity, mostly. Fortunately, Arcade1Up’s replica arcade cabinets (£349 each) have this in spades. Although they’re a bit ‘shrunk in the wash’ at 75 per cent scale, they come with original artwork, run arcade ROMs, and feature authentic full-size controls. This means you get to hammer the requisite number of buttons when punching someone’s face off in Street Fighter II, hurl your ship around vector webs using the Tempest spinner, or yank your joystick like a champ when trying to get dot-gobbler Pac-Man to that last power-pellet, so he can give those ghosts a taste of what for – and himself a taste of ghosts.